Script/ Direction/ Camera/ Postproduction: Kai Hattermann
Assistant Direction: Nicole Hoppe
2nd Camera: Ole Windgassen
Additional Camera: Christo Foerster, Phillipe Opigez, Jan Boroewitsch, Jozef Kubica
Production: Kai Hattermann

Abenteuerland is a feature-length documentary directed by Kai Hattermann. The film tells the story of Christo, who escapes the obligations of everyday life for two months in search of a huge adventure with almost zero carbon emissions: a 1600 kilometer journey through Germany from the highest mountain in the south to the northernmost point at the coast, all by stand up paddling and walking only.
Abenteuerland was shown in cinemas all over Germany in the summer of 2023.
Sleeping in a hammock by the river, spending a day paddling myself, and driving a boat - shooting this project was so much more than just camera work. I also took some analog behind the scenes photos which you can find below:

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