idea, book: Anna Sophie Kohlhause, Anne Celine Thünemann, Annelie Sophie Bäume, Felix Fuchs, Friederike Kloss, Janine Stiefel, Luise Edam, Yessica Guerra Paulus
camera: Ludwig Schulz, Jan Boroewitsch, Lea Stolle
editing: Ludwig Schulz, Lea Stolle
sound: Keno Schillo, Felix Fischer

"Sub.Texte - Kampf um Freiräume" ("Fight for Free Spaces") is a documentary about the history of Potsdam's squatters scene and the origins of alternative living spaces in the turbulent years after the fall of the wall. By exploring Potsdam's history, this film also poses questions about the future of collaborative housing and affordable housing in general in times of rising rents and gentrification.

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